Editors’ Guide

Onboarding at rOpenSci is managed by a team of editors. We are piloting a system of a rotating Editor-in-Chief (EiC).

EiC Responsibilities

The EiC serves for 3 months or a time agreed to by all members of the editorial board. The EiC plays the following roles

Handling Editor’s Checklist

Upon submission:

Assign reviewers:


During review:

After review:

For joint JOSS submissions:

Package promotion:


Instead of manually reminding authors/reviewers to do X or Y, we thought we’d try to make a robot to do these reminders.

Heythere (https://github.com/ropenscilabs/heythere) is our Ruby application that runs on Heroku.

the process heythere goes through each day at about 530 pm:

We do our best to be humane, and nice. We’ll continue to improve the bot. Soon you may be able to talk back to the bot, and have it do useful things for you.